NIWA UV Workshop: UV Radiation & Health

4 - 6 April 2018

UV radiation is at the crossroads between the physical sciences, the biological and environmental sciences, health sciences, and policy advice to optimise health outcomes. The workshop provides an open forum for discussion between these diverse groups, and will update the status of knowledge on the causes and effects of ozone depletion; the variability, trends, and future expectations of UV radiation in New Zealand; and the ensuing effects on the environment and human health, including both the negative effects (leading skin cancer), and positive effects (including through changes in vitamin D). It will be organised along similar lines to previous NIWA workshops, which have been held at approximately 4 -year intervals. The two-day event will comprise of a series of short presentations, and practical demos, along with poster sessions during the days of Thursday 5 April and Friday 6 April 2018. It will be preceded by an icebreaker meeting on the evening of Wednesday 4 April, and there will be a conference dinner on the evening of Thursday 5 April.

Because of time constraints, some presenters may be asked to prepare poster presentations rather than give oral presentations. There will be prizes for the best paper and best poster. All presenters are requested to prepare a 2 page extended abstract (in ms word) of their presentation and to bring it to the meeting. The abstracts will be incorporated without editing into the proceedings of the Workshop, which will be posted on NIWA’s web pages, as for previous workshops. See

We thank our sponsors, listed below, for making the event possible!
* New Zealand's National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research (NIWA)
* New Zealand's Health Promotion Agency (HPA)
* Cancer Society of New Zealand (CanSoc)
* Australian National University (ANU)
* New Zealand Dermatological Society Inc. (NZDSI)
* Melnet
* University of Auckland - Medical and Health Sciences

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